She Wants Stubble

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This is hard to acknowledge, but I won’t mince words…..  Our baby girl craves male attention in a big and obvious and embarrassing way.  And she will go to great lengths to get it–aggressively plopping herself down on the lap of another kid’s daddy at a concert, or randomly hugging loose daddies on the mats of Gymboree.  This practice extends to friends and strangers alike.  Last week she made googly eyes across a crowded restaurant at Jason Gould, son of Elliot Gould/Barbra Streisand, of Prince of Tides fame.  Anyway, our baby is a bald-faced flirt.  She seems to have two rules:  the more handsome, the better, and the more stubble, the better.  And as a bisexual, I completely get it. 

hotarmThis attraction is preferable to her screaming in terror at the sight of a man.  Proof-positive that we aren’t raising a “man-hater.”  But her overtly enthusiastic reactions to the opposite sex makes The Appraiser and I — and those terribly observant people– very uncomfortable.  We don’t want it to reflect on our limitations as a two mommy household.  All I can say is that presently, we are assessing the need for testosteroni and are actively seeking out more daddy friends to appease her….

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  1. Norman says:

    I’m happy that I get to be one of the “daddies” in her life! :)

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