“Mommy, Mama, and Me”

favorite bookA little while ago, to commemorate our official Adoption Day, our good friend, Norman, gave us a great little book, “Mommy, Mama, and Me” by Leslea Newman (from the P.C. “I Love My Family” series) about two mommies raising a toddler, or some kind of baby situation.  It’s hard to tell; Carol Thompson’s warm and fuzzy illustrations are all soft focus and fall colors.  The Appraiser and I were relieved that the couple didn’t look butch, though we did notice that Mommy had a troubling penchant for fleece.  She also had bushy hair like the baby, so Mommy must have been the birth mother.  Another possible twist was that Mama seemed to be slightly younger and less ethnic than Mommy….

Anyway, it’s a sweet little story with colorful pictures of Mommy and Mama playing, feeding, nurturing, and cuddling their baby.  It really touched us.  What a cool way for our baby to see her kind of family in print and know there are others like her in the world– that she’s not that different after all.  We always try to read her the book every night before bed.  And usually she gets squirmy and bored… and throws it down. 

Well, today after lunch we were playing on the floor, and out of the blue, she handed me the book.  I asked if she wanted me to read it to her.  I was expecting her usual no reaction, but she looked at me with those intense blue eyes, and I knew she meant business.  I opened the book and read it aloud slowly.  She watched me turn the pages and focused on the pretty pictures of typical family life with Mommy and Mama.  Amazingly, I never lost her attention.  We read it all the way to the very last page, 

“Now I’m tucked in nice and tight.  Mommy and Mama kiss me goodnight.”

We were through, and my daughter smiled at me, satisfied.  Whether she related to the story or not, it was the first book she ever asked me to read.

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  1. Norman says:

    I’m so touched that my little gift is a part of your daily routine! And I’m even more grateful to be part of you all of your lives! Thank you!

  2. Suzanne says:

    JKK just sent your link to me as she knows that I am a blogger myself. I love your writing and love hearing about your beautiful family! It is so good that you are starting this now. You will treasure these memories. XOX, Suzanne

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